Sealed Air’s Packforum event pinpoints evolving trends influencing fresh protein packaging

Vacuum shrink packaging

Food industry and retail professionals from across EMEA joined Sealed Air’s latest Packforum event to learn more about the key trends influencing the evolution of grocery shopping and what this looks like for consumers in the store of the future.

The online event addressed the role of packaging in the fast-moving omnichannel retail world, where retailers need to deliver value, sustainability, and convenience to consumers, and highlighted the benefits of Sealed Air’s CRYOVAC® Brand Darfresh® systems as a total packaging solution.

Speaking at Packforum about how the pandemic has shaped the grocery market and sharing insight on the considerations for retailers and food processors to meet changing consumer demands, Chris Hayward, Director of Sales at the Institute of Grocery Distribution (IGD), said: “Over the last two years we’ve seen huge changes in the grocery industry, and one of the things that’s changed most is consumers’ view of value – not just in terms of cost but the ability for retailers to deliver what the consumer wants in a quick and convenient way.

“We know that online will be one of the growth engines over the next few years, so understanding how retailers can optimise fresh produce categories within that space is critical. Innovation will also be key – this is where packaging can play a huge part in product differentiation for brands with on-pack messaging to connect with consumers, evidence sustainability efforts and extend shelf life to reduce waste and environmental impact.”

Sustainability was a key talking point throughout Sealed Air’s Packforum event. Speakers provided insight about how retailers can communicate responsible and sustainable packaging, as well as explaining how CRYOVAC® Brand Darfresh total system solutions can support their sustainable strategies.

Philippe Guerin – Retail and E-Commerce Manager France at Sealed Air, said: “Our CRYOVAC® Brand Darfresh® systems have been developed to enhance sustainability for retailers and food processors in several ways. Vacuum skin packaging is designed to protect products and extends fresh protein shelf life by up to 20 days versus modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) to minimise waste. These systems also enable the use of recycle-ready materials and post-consumer PET in production to support circular packaging strategies.

“We’ve also reduced pack size and weight to minimise material usage, optimise transportation space and reduce carbon emissions. The result is a more sustainable, total packaging system that’s available for the first time at a cost that’s comparable to traditional MAP systems.”

The event also focused on the rise of convenient click-and-collect retail concepts for fresh product categories including vending machines and food lockers, and the considerations for retailers and processors to choose packaging solutions that will protect fresh produce in these environments to deliver a positive consumer experience.

Jos Van Den Block – Food Proteins Platform Director at Sealed Air, added: “For retailers and producers to remain successful, it’s imperative to choose packaging solutions that can respond quickly to market changes and the increasing digitisation of the marketplace. The right solutions need to appeal to the growing consumer drivers of value and convenience and deliver cost-effective, sustainable and future-proof packaging that’s suitable for diversifying retail environments, from e-commerce to micro-convenience stores.”

The event can be viewed on-demand here

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