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Vision – The new adhesive melter from Robatech

Energy-efficient adhesives preparation and reliability in high-precision adhesive application.

With Vision, Robatech presents a new, energy-efficient melter for high-quality adhesive application. Innovative features such as the Smart Terminal and FlexPort offer high operating comfort and provide great flexibility for a space-saving installation in systems.

Vision is a completely new adhesive melter that stands out clearly from its predecessors in the Concept series:

  • Vision can be installed lengthwise or crosswise. The innovative 45-degree FlexPort connection surface allows heated hoses to be connected at different angles to save space. This provides flexibility in positioning the device.
  • The Smart Terminal dynamically displays current operating and status information via a colored LED strip. This enables operating personnel to see, even from a distance, whether the gluing process is running smoothly or what intervention is required.
  • The inner workings are new and meticulously thought out: The fast-switching pump for repeatable, uniform adhesive application, the compact arrangement of all maintenance-relevant components, the optimum heat distribution, and the innovative tank insulation. The result: Vision achieves industry-leading energy efficiency and excellent melting and delivery quality.

Vision - Adhesive Melter Robatech

At the same time as Vision, Robatech launched the new Performa heated hose on March 17/18/23 in an online world premiere. Compared to Robatech’s proven Enduro heated hoses, Performa requires up to 45 % less energy. With the innovative PrimeConnect plug coupling, Robatech sets a new trend for plug-and-play connection of heated hoses.

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